Solid Builders Mini conveyor hire Christchurch New Zealand

Solid Builders Mini conveyor hire.

Brick removal, Retaining wall backfilling, Landscaping, Firewood

Our 4 meter modular conveyor units can move many types of material in difficult to reach areas. Capable of linking up to move around corners or up or down steep inclines these conveyors are perfect for sites with difficult access. Up a flight of stairs, through doorways and turn 90deg or 40 meters across a rooftop. Mini conveyor is the perfect solution to difficult excavation or conveying problems. House brick removal. Up to 40 meters of conveyors can be set up for you to remove bricks at the work face, place on the conveyors and drop straight in to your skip or trailer. Reduce your labour and need for wheelbarrows or double handling. Retaining walls. Repairing or rebuilding a retaining wall on an existing property? Move hard fill in or out with ease. Able to be set up on slopes of up to 40deg. Landscaping. Move soil around the site with ease. Up and down slopes or around 90deg corners.

Firewood. Move your firewood from the dumping spot on your driveway all the way to the wood stack. No need for wheelbarrows or arm loads of firewood!